Rawai District has more than 10 different beaches and every beach is unique and beautiful. But when you’re coming for the first time you need to start your trip with short list of the best places. Here are the top 3 beaches of Rawai we recommend to visit at the beginning.

1. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn beach is the best beach of Rawai and one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Picturesque Nai Harn gulf has a sandy beach of 1,2 km length surrounded by green hills covered by jungles from two sides and a lake (lagoon) from behind.

nai harn beach, phuket 

Nai Harn lake is a signature of Nai Harn area, everyone who comes for the first time to the beach here remembers this place. This lake area is great area for relaxation, sport and a place for different events, which are usually take place at the small island inside of the lake.

nai harn beach, phuket

The beach is beautiful, it is wide and comfortable for quiet time or beach activities. There is river which connects lake and the ocean which is usually occupied by kids and their parents.

beaches of rawai

There are nice shade from trees near the beach, at this area you can spend whole day without being burned by sun, it is used for picnics and there is amazing view on the small island called Man.

naiharn trees, rawai

If you were not ready for picnic but felt hungry there are many thai restaurants waiting behind. Choose any of them and taste thai or international food and fruit shakes in a quiet atmosphere.

parking at nai harn beach

There are not so many hotels around the beach and therefore usually it is not crowded. The are Nai Harn Temple between lake and beach, it makes this place so peaceful and adds true feelings you are in Thailand, not anywhere else.

temple near beach naiharn, rawai

2. Ya Nui Beach

Another beautiful beach of Rawai. Ya Nui is small and cozy beach, which is only 400 meters long. The beach is about 1 km from Nai Harn to the South or the first beach which you meet if you come from Promthep Cape Viewpoint.

ya nui, beach of phuket island

Ya Nui beach is perfect place for families with kids. There are shady areas under the trees, corals and rocks in the ocean with tropical fishes, which is the good place for snorkelling.

ya nui beach, rawai

There is Man island opposite the beach – 500 meters from it, where you can get by kayak and enjoy amazing views of real uninhabited tropical island (which is also for sale, if you’re interested).

kayaks, phuket beaches

Ya Nui beach can be seen from Windmill Viewpoint which is north side above the beach or from Promthep Cape which is on south from Yanui.

phuket best beaches

3. Rawai Promenade

Rawai Beach is a heart of southern Phuket. Even the beach is not used for swim, you will find many places and activities to spend a day or more here on Rawai beachfront. Because of walking paths and infrastructure we call it Promenade. It not luxury place, but it gives a feeling of true Thailand.

rawai beach, phuket

Rawai gulf has no waves round year and used as a boat parking. All these thai boats (longtails) and speedboats give a feeling that you are in some kind of port area.

beaches of Phuket

From morning hundreds of tourists start their trips to nearby islands from Rawai. All these boats are taxis, you can hire one to reach one of the islands of Rawai.

boats on the beach

One of the closest islands – Koh Bon can be seen from Rawai beachfront. It is only 1,5 km away from Phuket island and it will take about 15 minutes to get there. Trip to Bon Island is recommended for everyone who visits Rawai, read more about this half-day trip.

bon island

When you back from your trip or you just came to walk among the beach and felt hungry there are lots of beachfront restaurants and cafes with Thai and international cuisine – you choose.

If you feel tired or there is rainy day – visit one of massage parlours on promenade and get asleep during thai oil massage or foot massage.

sabai massage

In the evening go to Rawai Seafood Market near the pier. The place everyone go for fresh seafood and souveniers.

rawai pier

Rawai Promenade is place for real thai life experience, quiet and friendly community, beautiful views, tasty food, the place to enjoy time with family and friends.

seafood market rawai

Beaches of Rawai — discover all

We told you about three beaches of Rawai only. But there are more much different beaches and locations at Rawai district. Discover all places! Welcome to Rawai!

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