Any geographical locations which has the reputation of “the best” attraction the attention of tourists. But in case with South part of Rawai district, where located a Rawai promenade, extend just in the sea a pier along in several tens of meters. It worth it to visit this place only because of it.

rawai pier

Originally, famous Rawai pier was planned as AVERS of small vessels. But pretty small water area do not afford to come here and out to vessels. Because of the big tonnage and the smallest ships (like divers boats) hardly can elbow. But here is still a lot of water transport even more than enough. This place used by captains of speedboats and Thai boats. The last owes its name because of interesting construction, automobile motor which spin the wind stick through the long tube which steal mechanism under the water.
The point is that from Rawai pier to go to the travel tour is much faster to the near islands like Bon, Coral and to the more distant – Racha Noi and Racha Yay. If colleagues from the neighbor Chalong pier need to pass whole creek, so relaxed residence of Rawai enough to turn on the motor and go just to the islands.

rawai promenade

Special attention deserves the pier itself. In former times snow-white, and now carry on it print of the sea spirit. Rawai pier is loved by photographers and fisherman. The first catching in object-finder an amazing perspective and the water of fantastic beauty. The second pull out from the water not big but regular catch.

Seafood market on Rawai promenade

Despite on the giant fame, the mart is not so big. But it is attraction is that except of purchasing of fowl (the big part of which is really alive). You can cook this tasty food in a neighbor restaurants. It is not so expensive and they will cook for you very well and in the way you want. One more of magnets of Rawai is Promenade.

seafood promenade

Actually, hiking in Thailand it is very hard. Philosophy of the streets based only on transport. In result in many districts of island there is no any sidewalk. Rawai promenade coastline can impress not only with sidewalk but and that fact that every evening it is become in the paradise for those who lives with slogan “Oh yes, food!”

evening promenade

Exactly here is located a few restaurants of authentic Thai food, where they can embody traditional recipes of Siam. Here you will try a tasty rice in pineapple, incredible Tom – Yum, Som – Tam and other dishes of Thai food. The factor of popularity it is the democratic approach to the prices. It`s makes this restaurants affordable to the wide circle of tourists.

rawai restaurants

Across the road along the Promenade is located roofed restaurants, bars, a few residential homes. Don’t forget about  the village with worthy villas and the famous on the whole island kids’ amusement park Rawai VIP Villas & Kids Park.

rawai hotels

This location is very popular among the tourist who have some knowledge about Phuket. They understand how comfortable to stay at Rawai. That’s because from this district it is very comfortable to get to the west coast and to the central part of the island.

See video of Rawai promenade

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