Phuket is first of all beach and riot of colors of nature, for which you can fly from the other side of the world and not for a second not to doubt your actions. Conventionally Phuket can be divided into 3 parts: northern, central and southern. The northern part is an in-house rest along the beaches that are several kilometers long, such as Nai Thon or Mai Khao. Central Phuket can be described as “the concentration of places for permanent residents of the island”. Hospitals, shopping centers, schools, residential complexes, mansions in which restaurants are now, and perhaps most attractive – the old city of Phuket with architecture in the Sino-Portuguese style. But in this article we would like to pay attention to the 3 little known Rawai beaches. rawai phuket

Friendship beach in Phuket

friendship beach Friendship beach is little known to an ordinary tourist, but in the list of any kiter who came to Phuket. In the winter and summer on the island, the wind blows from different sides, this directly affects the choice of spot. Kite schools are constantly moving after the wind. Season on the beach Friendship comes in the winter time on the calendar. I’m far from an expert in kiting. I have not even tried, but I’m attracted by the magic that professionals do, gracefully controlling the kite and easily flying over the water. On the same coast in the season, a school opens, where you can take lessons with an instructor. Learn new techniques and discover uncharted facets of the possibilities of your spirit and body.

Laem Ka beach in Rawai, Phuket

laem ka beach The unpopularity of Laem Ka beach can be described for several reasons. For a long time the beach was part of the hotel, as far as I know, only for guests. Then the hotel closed and the coast was used for boarding / disembarking tourists who bought a tour of the islands of Rawai. And the main reason is the road leading to the beach. Turning from the main highway is completely unnoticeable, a very narrow street, which, passing by you will not notice, you need to know exactly what to look for. Even if you turn on the street, doubts will not go away. And only then incredible palms tree will make you forget everything and you can just stare around. The path itself will lead where necessary. Reaching with a little adventure, the view opens a cozy bay with shady trees.

Nui Beach — small and secret beach in Phuket

nui beach Nui Beach is the most secret beach, because of all the characteristics of secrecy, which can be addressed to the beach. First, you need to know exactly, and  to trust someone who told you that this beach exists. Because the way you are waiting for the extreme and doubt whether you will follow the path to the very end. Even it will seem that you can’t get out back. So, if you are an adventurer and have prepared, namely, rented a pickup truck, offroader or a jeep, and you know how to descend on a clay bumpy hill, then go ahead! It’s important to remember that you still need skills to climb it back 🙂 secret beach

Nui Beach in Phuket — how to get

A beautiful pass along the way from Rawai to Kata. Before you reach the Kata-Karon observation platform, there is a road left to the left. You have to turn. Seems like it does not look so frightening. But after 5 minutes the first steep clay slope. Well, actually, what to torment. It will be until the end of the road and with turns, indescribable views, adrenaline in the blood, with a powerful tide of love for life. Go down about 30-40 minutes. Having reached the destination, you have to pay for the entrance. The prices changed from 300 to 500 baht in my memory. The price includes an umbrella, towels and a cocktail at the bar. rawai beaches

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