Windmill on the hill Nai Harn is one of the famous landmarks and monuments of Rawai district.

windmill viewpoint

What is Windmill viewpoint in Phuket

The structure itself performs the function of studying alternative methods of extracting electricity. The project is experimental and judging by the development of this power station. It is not acceptable for Phuket. It is used exclusively for scientific purposes.

windmill station

Near the station there is a small gazebo, which offers beautiful views of the beaches of Yanui and Nai Harn, and Cape Promthep. The most popular time of visit is at sunset. There are always people in the afternoon who fill their Instagram’s with views of the ocean.

rawai viewpoint

Viewpoint is located between the beaches Yanui and Nai Harn. If you drive a car, you can go to the territory of the station, which would be for a short while to park or turn around. This is the only place where you can enjoy the view without leaving a car, you can park directly on the precipice.

windmill parking

The place is popular among paragliders, perhaps for them this is also the only place where they can pursue their hobbies.

windmill paraglide

Why you should visit Windmill viewpoint in Rawai

It’s no secret that Phuket has quite a lot of viewpoints. It’s a pity that almost all of them are crowded with tourists, especially in the high season. But sometimes you want to enjoy the beauty of nature alone or share these moments with a loved one.The windmill is a great place for this. It’s worth just descending to the peninsula, and, behold, you are already far from the bustle and noise. And around the sea, huge boulders and greenery. Is not it a wonderful place for meditations? And what incredible photos are obtained here, especially if you do them during sunset. Believe me, on one you do not stop.

windmill sunset

Here you can fully rest from noisy streets and a large number of tourists. Views will be fascinating and you will not see such sunsets anywhere.

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