There is plenty of various shops and markets in Phuket, offering a wide selection of qualitative local and imported goods. In addition to the grocery products, large supermarkets also offer a wide assortment of consumer goods such as household goods, clothes and electrical appliances.

In the south of Phuket, Rawai, you can find supermarkets of large national chains Tesco Lotus and Makro, as well as supermarkets of the local SuperCheap chain.

Supermarket Tesco Lotus in Rawai, Phuket

This is an inexpensive supermarket offering a wide range of daily products, local and imported, with a dominance of local products. The Tesco Lotus supermarkets network includes large hypermarkets, supermarkets and small Tesco Lotus Express stores operating 24/7. Tesco Lotus’ characteristics are:

– selling cheap clothing and shoes

– selling fresh bakery

– online shopping system with home delivery

– large hypermarkets selling household appliances and electronics, inexpensive furniture, cooked food (together with food court)

Tesco Lotus Rawai is located on the road from Chalong circle to Rawai and it’s a part of Park Rawai Shopping Mall. In the supermarket you can find more or less everything that you may need for your everyday life: fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat, fish, dry grocery, beverages, snacks, desserts, bakery, household products and chemicals, cosmetics, toys. Oats flakes (instant, medium and rolled), loved by most of Europeans, are selling here along with different varieties of traditional for Thailand rice.

If you wish to relax and eat some food, at the Park Shopping Mall you can find the Pizza Company pizzeria, Wine Connection restaurant and Samero’s ice cream. There are also several banks with ATMs (SCB, Bangkok Bank and KBank), a pharmacy and a massage shop at the shopping mall.

Supermarket Makro in Rawai, Phuket

The Makro Food Service supermarket is located just next to the Tesco Lotus. A wide range of imported and local products, fresh and frozen foods, ready-to-cook food, cereals, household chemicals and other daily products are available here. Unlike the other supermarkets, many products are sold here in packages of several pieces.

This is an ideal supermarket for customers who expects products of higher quality, in larger quantities or wholesale, and who also likes imported products (different sorts of cheese, imported meat, sausages, alcoholic beverages, etc.).

SuperCheap — one more variant of shopping in Phuket, Rawai district

This is a local chain based in Phuket. SuperCheap is a supermarket with a wide selection of grocery and household consumer goods, where all products, as stated in the store’s name, have a lower price than in other places. Supermarket is selling vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, seafood, rice (including by weight), confectionery and bread, sauces, dairy products, household goods.

Shelves with products are located close to each other, the aisles between them are narrow. This is an ideal supermarket for those who want to save money.

Findings of shopping in Rawai

As we see, shopping in Phuket and Rawai in particular can be successful. You will be able to find a lot of necessary things, and you do not need to go to the center of the island.

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