What is Rawai in Phuket

Rawai is the southerner’s district of Phuket. The beautiful place for family vacations, pretty quiet if compare with Patong, Kata or Karon. Here is well developed infrastructure, kids park, coastline, a few wonderful beaches, observation decks, seafood mart and many islands where you can get on the rent boat in 15-20 minutes.

rawai district

If you chose Rawai district for your vacations in Phuket, you have a few different variants to choose a place to stay.
Firstly you have to know if you will rent a transport. In 90% it is necessary to rent an auto or bike for:
1. You will save some money for your apartments because if apartments are close to the beaches it will be a bit expensive.
2. You will have an opportunity to the more of Rawai district and also another parts of the island by yourself.

rawai beach

Where to stay in Rawai

Rawai quay is with well developed infrastructure, here is a lot of cafes, restaurants and massage parlours. Really wide range of apartments. But you have to drive to the beaches NaiHarn and Yanui. Some of hotels offer the transfer. In another way you can rent a car or just order a taxi.

  • Pay attention to the new cottage village Rawai VIP Villas with Kids Park. Here is around 40 villas and all of them united in the whole protected territory with the huge kid’s park with the roof, water playground, kid’s game room for small kids, with restaurant and all of this just in 300 meters from the quay.
  • Hotel Sunsuri in a walking distance to NaiHarn, near the lake, a big hotel with rooms with view on the sea, with water pools, restaurant and another conveniences.
  • Condominium Sands also in a walking distance to the NaiHarn beack.
  • All Season hotel
  • The NaiHarn is a five stars hotel with the view on NaiHarn and Promthep Cape.
  • What makes this quay good? – It is very nice to walk here with kids and if your vacations at the same time with full moon so you can even to walk on the bottom of Andaman Sea. Your kids will be thrilled. Every month on the quay when it a big low tide a lot of tourists comes and walking, watching corals, crabs and also here is carry out flash mobs.

Rawai probably only the one beach where is a flat bottom, so it makes this beach very comfortable for walking. And after walking you can have a snack just in one of the quay restaurants.

rawai phuket

What to do without own transport in Phuket

Despite on this necessity you can get away without transport.

  • To rent an apartments closer to the beach (even 10-20 walking to the beach under the sun it is pretty stressful), Also you can choose the hotel with transfer to the beach.

rawai hotels

  • To use taxi in case you want to go to the beach or shopping. Also bicycle (in some hotels you can use it for free) to explore local area – markets, restaurants, massage.

rawai beachfront

  • To go to the excursion like “city – tour”. You can enjoy the main monuments of Phuket and also you can buy tours on the neighbor islands.

rawai islands

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