Rawai is a Southern district of Phuket with a developed infrastructure for tourists and those who came here to live. Few people know that the structure of Rawai includes 13 nearby islands, some of them can’t be reached due to rocky coasts, and some of the islands are like paradise corners with snow-white sand, clear water and a rich underwater world. In this article we decided to pay attention to Coral Island. Koh He Island is one of the nearest islands of Rawai with landscapes, both with an advertising booklet.

Ko He or Coral Island in Phuket: all information for you

Ko He (Koh Hae or coral island) is a bounty island with a shallow shore with azure clear water, coral reefs around which flocks of bright fish and an abundance of tropical plants covering the island. Here also live rhino birds in the depths of the island. However, sometimes they trek out to the shore. They are large enough and loud, so you can often see tourists hovering over the singing of birds in search of exotic things.

coral island activities

What about the activities, here you can rent transparent kayaks, ride a water motorcycle or go in for parasailing and admire the island from above.

coral island activities

The Coral island preserve the pristine nature and in this laconic atmosphere, a small hotel Coral Island Resort has blended in with cozy bungalows, several bars and a restaurant. However, there is no nightlife here. After sunset, when all the tourists leave for the Rawai coast, only the hotel guests stay.

coral island restaurant

The Coral island has 2 beaches, Long Beach and Banana Beach, located on the north side, sheltered from the winds, so there is always a calm sea. The most popular place on Coral Island is Long Beach length 800m, here usually bring all the tourists. There are two ways how you can reach Banana Beach: you can ask the boatman to drop you off at once on his coast or go through the hill from the coast Long Beach. This coast is not so lively, but no less picturesque.

coral island beach

How to get to Coral Island in Rawai?

If you just want to enjoy a beach holiday, just go to the Rawai coast and rent a boat, sail for about 30 minutes, cost around 1500 baht. The boatman will take you to the island and will wait until you get back. Usually 3-4 hours it’s enough. You can rent not only longtail, but yacht or a paddle boat – in this case you will be picked from the pier in Chalong. If you decided to stay at the hotel on the island, they will propose you a transfer from the Rawai beachfront or the Chalong pier. Thanks to the picturesque underwater world, the coral island is popular with divers, you can book a tour and the transfer will be free.

coral island long tail

See video about trip to Coral Island

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