Bon Island (Koh Bon) you hardly met on Phuket postcards or read about it in popular travel magazines. From it’s not popularity only better.

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Here there are rarely crowds of people, unlike the islands, where the world-famous films were shot. “The Beach”, “The Man with the Golden Pistol”, “Tomorrow Will Never Come” and “, The Island of the Thugs”, the last, by the way, was shot first in the Bay of Maya Bay, and the film “Beach” second, after which he ceased to be deserted. Almost every season, when you come to Bay Maya Bay, you can’t enjoy the pristine nature, because, as there are dozens of people, maybe even hundreds, and the whole coast is filled with boats, so that you can’t swim.

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Obviously, that Koh Bon of Rawai is winner, only if you don’t want to check in on the ex-film sets.

Bon Island Restaurant close to Phuket

bon island restaurant

You can go to Koh Bon to have a dinner. Here is only one Thai food Restaurant, bar with cold drinks and cocktails. The price here is a bit higher, you should understand that this is the island where is nothing, everything need to be brought almost every day. However, this is one more prove that location is very important and even slightly inflated prices do not detract from the beauty around and allow everything to go to the background.

Beaches of Koh Bon — island near Phuket

beaches of bon island

It is necessary to dive with mask on Koh Bon. When you rent a boat ask a captain to take a mask to the coast if you don’t have your own. It is very important to do it before departure, in another way there is no any chance to do it.

long beach on ko bon

It will be very helpful for you to take a shoes for corals, it is needed for snorkeling near the shore, and flippers are not always convenient. In case you didn’t take it on the island there is no any opportunity to buy it. Such aqua houses are indispensable if you decide to learn how to dive.

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When the coastal bottom is explored, ask your captain to ride you around the island, for a small surcharge, and he will roll and stop on other beaches, show where it is best to snorkel. So, even if you don’t know Thai language in sign language, it is quite possible to arrange about an excursion.

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From the opposite side, that you first landed, there is a beach that you can only get on a boat. Walk on the island, of course, you can try – along the coast or through the thickets of the jungle, in both cases I do not advise, sometimes there are very sharp stones, corals and even sea urchins, stepping on which, do not get the most pleasant sensations. It’s pretty clear that the pass through the jungle that it’s not safe.

koh bon beach

So, the hidden beach, and on it a desolate hotel. It was abandoned not so long ago, 4 year, there were small bungalows and verandas under thatched roofs. So it’s a territory of former hotel, so and the owner of all of this, absolutely exist. Don’t be surprised you will meet a Thai, he is protect and living alone. But personally, I have never met with the owner, but friends say that if he is on the beach, you will have to pay for the entrance. The sensations here are incredible, as if now you are heroes of the film on an uninhabited island.

How to get to Bon Island from Phuket

The easiest way is to rent a boat on the Rawai Promenade. You can just stand at the booth “Taxi and Boat Service” and the captain will not make you wait.

how to get to bon island

The cost of the trip varies slightly from the season 800 -1200 baht, if you rent masks – 50 baht per piece. The capacity is 6-8 people. And again, its depends of season, captain can wait for you on the island, usually it takes 3-4 hours, in fact, you can discuss it with captain and he will pick you up in time you chose.

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The trip should be planned so that you can return before sunset. After the sunset there is no life on the island. To order dive-tour. Neighborhood of the island of Bon, are in demand among beginners, thanks to their proximity to Phuket and a rich underwater world. The cost starts from 5000 baht, for a trip with a dive.

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To rent a paddleboat with the captain for a day or two and go to the islands. The cost of a catamaran for a day starts from 35,000 baht. Maybe you’re lucky and you’ll find cheaper.

catamaran koh bon island trip

Bon Island Location

Bon Island is located in the southern part of Phuket. Ko Bon is a small island that can be seen from the Rawai beachfront. From here you can start your journey.

bon island map location

Along the embankment you will see a lot of boats, roughly in the center, opposite the massage salon Kim’s Massage. On the beach side of the road on the wooden podium you will see boatmen. Most likely even they will see you first and invite you on excursions.

how to get to bon island

There are a lot of offers, but as for Bon Island – the way back and forth (2 km). You can get to the island in 15 minutes, there you can stay a few hours or longer.

See Bon Island video trip

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