Overlooking the articles in the internet, we noticed that there is no any detailed information or description about Rawai, but that scanty description from Wikipedia about the “museum of sea – shell” which is not interesting migrate from the one travel site to another one.
So we decided to tell you, what you can do in Rawai except felting on the beach. From this article you can choose your favorite island or viewpoint and more.

Rawai in Phuket — information about the area

Rawai district include such an interesting places like:

  • 10+ islands
  • 4 observation decks
  • Lake
  • Temples
  • The Coast
  • The Pier
  • Seafood mart

Let’s consider that step by step.

Islands in Rawai — choose yours

It is so easy to go to the island from Rawai beachfront. You just need to come, pay for a longtail and enjoy the island.

  • Bon – the closer to the Rawai quay, you can get there oh Thai boat just in 15 minutes. There are 3 beaches, but usually only 2 are used. One of them with restaurants, another one on the south part in a backwater period.
    bon island rawai
  • He (Coral) is famous because of Banana beach. This is the private (rent) beach with beautiful restaurants and avocations and also with a small bungalow. Beside one more beach for mass tourism with the bigger hotel and the bigger number of tourists (because it’s cheaper).
    coral island rawai
  • Ka Kaeo Yai – two islands, one of them has gold Buddha and dwelling of monks, it is interesting place to visit.
    kaeo island rawai
  • Racha – very beautiful, a bit far away, by a speedboat you will get there in 20-30 minutes. It is unbelievable – white sand, crystal water, beautiful hotel (you can stay there for a few days).
    racha island rawai

Viewpoints in Rawai, Phuket

  • Promthep Cape is one of the most popular viewpoints on the island. Promthep Cape is the southerner’s extreme point of Phuket, in a good weather you can see from this point Racha island that in 20 km from Phuket. Here is a museum – lighthouse, restaurant and the mart with souvenirs.
    promthep rawai
  • Windmill on NaiHarn – windmill or power plant, you can call it just as you want – it is also an observation deck with an incredible view while it sunset and also with the view on NaiHarn and Yanui. It is located on the way from the Promthep cape aside to NaiHarn beach, behind the Yanui beach.
    windmill rawai
  • Karon Viewpoint – one more small viewpoint where all tourists are coming. Nice view on three Karon beaches – Kata Noi, Kata, Karon.
    karon viewpoint rawai
  • Black Rock — viewpoint is located above the Ao Sane beach and you can drive there on the road to Yanui beach.
    blackstone viewpoint rawai

Other interesting places to visit in Rawai:

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