Yanui beach is a small beach in Rawai district. Located between viewpoint Promthep and Nai Harn beach.
This beach is not so famous like Nai Harn, it is smallest but it has a lot of corals and fish. This peculiarity is limit your time on the beach, it is better to come when it backwater, because when it low tide the entrance to the water is rocky, may not be very comfortable.

Yanui beach

The cozy beach is a little more than 100 meters long. At the peak of the season on the beach is quite crowded, but this does not prevent you from enjoying snorkelling and picturesque surroundings. Near the beach, in the shade of trees, you can hide from the hot sun, rent a sunbed, an umbrella from the sun or drink a cool drink.

rawai beach

To know the time of backwater and low tide you can look at the table on the site Phuket Newspaper. On the left side with date above you can see a clock. Numbers in the table means: 1- low water. Low then 1 happens very rarely when full moon. Low tide usually takes 3-4 hours, the rest of the time the water level is high.

Yanui low tide

Yanui beach in Rawai: what to do

Yanui beach has a parking for motorbikes, auto, café where you can buy a fruit shake and coconuts. Since the beach is small, it is comfortable here to spend time with children, they are always in sight.

Yanui parking

There are any motor modes of transport on the beach, but you can rent a kayak, float on the neighboring island, which is popular among the people “Potatoes”. You can’t land on this island, it is rocky from all sides, thereby creating an excellent terrain for snorkeling. The water is very clean and clear, even better than on some other beaches in Phuket.

yanui kayaks

The beach of Yanui will appeal only to those who really want to relax from shopping centers, fuss and noise. Here you can relax with your soul and body. And for entertainment or dinner after you spend the day in a beautiful sunset, you can visit Rawai, which is only in 1.5 km to the east. On the quay there are many restaurants for every taste and color.

relax on yanui beach

Be sure to grease with sunscreen!!! One hour in the sun and the next 2-3 days you will spend in a hotel room with burns (this happens with every third).

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