Yanui is a small beach located in a beautiful bay between the Windmill Viewpoint and Promthep Cape. The beach is divided into two parts by a large rock rising in the middle. This creates stunning view attracting photographers for the beautiful beach photoshoot. Even though Yanui is becoming more popular in the recent years, it still remains a fairly secluded beach (which is already a rarity in Phuket) with a nice relaxing tranquil atmosphere.

Yanui Beach in Phuket — what to do on the beach

Yanui is a perfect place to spend a day with the whole family, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the magnificent landscape. Yanui is very comfortable for children, including small ones: there is a gentle entrance to the sea here, blue clear water, powdery sand and a tree shadow where you can hide from the sun at a sultry noon. Children can play in the sand and explore marine life in the clear shallow waters near the coast. The main area of ​​the beach is sandy and great for swimming or just relaxing in warm water, the southern part of the beach is a little bit rocky.

Good spots for snorkeling are on the southern part of the beach and around the cliff in the center. You can enjoy swimming with a mask and watching beautiful fish, coral and other marine life. If you wish to explore the surroundings you can rent a kayak and swim to the neighboring Nai Harn beach or to Promtep cape.

Don’t forget to use sunscreens even in the shadow. You can get a dose of suntan not only under the sun but also in the trees shadow or under umbrella and just on a cloudy day. Even when the sky is cloudy, the Earth’s surface reaches about 40% of solar radiation. Moreover, sand and water reflect the ultraviolet rays perfectly well, and the amount of the sun getting on the skin increases respectively.

There are several good restaurants, a diving and snorkeling shop and several bungalows across the road from the beach. In the restaurant you can sit, relax and sip refreshing coconut juice or eat ice cream with children. If you are hungry you can eat lunch serving with Thai food.

How to get to Yanui Beach in Rawai

Yanui is easily accessible by car, unlike many secluded beaches in Phuket. The beach is located on the road from Nai Harn to Promthep Cape, halfway between them. There is a free parking near the beach.

Come to the beach and enjoy a wonderful sunny day. You will certainly enjoy!

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