About the Secret beach I want to tell separately. It is called Nui beach or as from recent times “Nui Bay Member Club”.

How to get to Nui Beach in Phuket

You can get to Nui beach by going down from the mountain or sailing on a yacht. If you chose the first way, you have to find a pass Rawai – Kata, not far away from aforesaid viewpoint there will be a descent down. There is no speechless about the asphalt road, it’s clay, which is washed by the rains and it goes cracks and bumps. So a low sedan or a bike will not be good, I would not advise. Remember that you still have to climb. It is harder and pretty dangerous. It is better for you to take a jeep or really popular here pickup and to go on a day trip.

rawai beach

Emotions will be with a margin for memories. What is worth is the descent and the opening views. If you will go by pickup, occupy seats in the car body. Enthusiastic cries and a sense of adventure will charge for the whole day.

secret beach

Cozy small bay, divided into two parts by huge stones on the beach, on the left side the beach for those who are in swimsuits, behind the stones for nudists.

nui beach, rawai

Nui beach, Rawai: what to do on the beach

On both sides of Nui beach there are small rocks. One of them has a sauna! Just imagine, you sit in warm couples, breathing in full ginger flavor, and outside the window ocean and sea surf. It sounds a bit weird: in the heat on the beach at +35 go ​​to the sauna. However, that’s very cool, the sauna here is a kind of hamam. The temperature is not much higher than outside, for the skin, especially after sun bathing, is very useful. The green construction on the rocks is a sauna. On the opposite side is a mini gym in the open air, and climbing a little higher, a cafe with Thai food. The bar under the wicker roof with drinks is located downstairs.

rawai sauna

From the entertainment on the beach you can ride a bun over a speedboat, soar over the water on a “flying board”, to sniff along the shore, the proximity of rocks and coral reefs created favourable conditions for this.

You have to leave the beach before its dark. Climbing the mountain and the beach itself is not lighted, and stay under the stars will not be allowed by the staff. By the way, there is no mobile connection here either.

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