Naiharn beach is the main beach of the south Phuket, located in the biggest bay in Rawai.

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Naiharn is known to everyone who ever hammered into the search for “Phuket” or follows the ratings of the best places with Tripadvisor, which in turn has repeatedly celebrated Naiharn as one of the best beaches in Asia. Naiharn deserved these laurels thanks to the long wide strip of fine sand with a gentle slope that leads to the Andaman Sea. On each side protected by high hills and a small shallow water slew.

naiharn river

Shallow water is a favorite place for families with young children. The water here is transparent and warm, so parents have no reason to tell their child “Do not swim far, there is deep”. It’s safe and there are no strong undercurrents, everyone is happy.

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In the high season (October to April), the coast of Naiharn is washed by unhurried waves with calm turquoise water. However, in the low season winds and dangerous undercurrents come. We do not advise you to neglect the flags that signify dangerous zones.

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More information about Naiharn beach in Phuket

Naiharn is good not only with natural data, although it is, of course, paramount, but also infrastructure. On the hill there is an eponymous hotel with a panoramic view of the bay. A restaurant and a bar, the entrance is open to all comers. Quite often there are movie nights, themed dinners, where you can walk evening dress. The cost here is appropriate. If you want, which is easier, just above the coast, a few more hotels with reasonable prices.

high season on Naiharn

hotels at naiharn beach
Along the coast there are a small forest with huge conifers trees. In their shadow there are cafés with Thai food shops with some stuffs for the beach and fresh fruits.

nai harn forest

restaurants on Nai Harn

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Close to the evening here are coming all the fans of the sunset, from the Nai Harn coast it is just incredible. The sky is roll by deep colors and clouds complete with texture. Interesting peculiarity that mostly people watching when sun goes down, but the most interesting will start after the sun goes down. When the rays comes up through horizon and the sky overflow by the deep colors of yellow, orange, red and purple.

sunset in phuket

On more pride of Nai Harn is cognominal lake, it is not so far away from the coast. Along the perimeter of the lake is the sidewalk. The athletes wind round the circles, in the shade of the trees every morning and evening. In the center is a small island with a children’s playground. To the right of the lake is the Buddhist Temple, with brightly shimmering furnishings and an atmosphere that is conducive to pacification and a smile.

naiharn lake

The Nai Harn beach is already for a few years included in the top of the best beaches of the Asia by version of Tripadvisor. The beach is located on the South of Phuket in Rawai District.

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Nai Harn is surrounded by tropical greenery. In front of the beach is a spacious green area with tall trees, in the shade of which local and long-livers like to rest. Tourists here are not so much as on the beaches of Kata, Karon or Patong. This is because the Rawai area has not yet been built up by large hotels, probably this will not happen because of a shortage of land.

crowded beach on high season

Tourists prefer a place under the sun, which is very imprudent. Irradiation from the sun in Thailand is very strong, do not compare with European latitudes. Please take cream with maximum protection, otherwise you will have to buy cream from burns.

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Your main goal is to stay in the shade. You will pick up the tan while you go swimming in the sea, 20-30 minutes under the sun daily enough, more – dangerous.

nai harn beach temple

Near the beach is a Buddhist Temple, Lake Nai Harn. Hotels nearby are not many. The main infrastructure of the area is located 1-2 km from the beach. Next to the beach there are cafes, shops, fruit and souvenir shops.

naiharn river

On the left side of the beach the lake connects with the sea by a river. Here in shallow water it is comfortable to rest with children. On weekends this part is the busiest, a large number of families come here.

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