Laem Ka beach is located in Rawai district in the east coast of Phuket. This beach is not so popular, because the parking and passage is not so comfortable. Aside from that the beach is often used by travel companies, which bring motor boats to the Rawai islands. Because of that sometimes here a lot of people. Despite on all of this in a sunny day and backwater you can find the beach in a perfect phase. What is important that in a low season or in a rainy season in Phuket no any waves. All the waves from May to October is on west coast of Phuket. Absolutely in this period many people asks – where can we swim? The beach Laem Ka in Rawai district it is one of the few places where you can find a calm sea and to have comfortable rest with kids.

Laem Ka beach

Description of Laem Ka beach in Phuket

There were practically no people on this day (in a low season), and after two weeks of cloudy weather this unexpectedly sunny day, the blue sky, the tide, the blue sea were hypnotised.
The beach Laem Ka really difficult to find in such phase and I have never thought it’s beautiful, I preferred another Rawai beaches such as: Nai Harn, Yanui, Ao Sane – they were the first if we are talking about beauty and cozy. But this time I changed my mind. It seems that from my professional photos I can get a good postcards.

Rawai beach

Beside the beach there a not big pier, it is located on territory of deserted hotel (which possibly one day will work again). You can go there from the north side of the beach (there is stairs). Practically from the each point of Laem Ka beach you can see four of the more than 10 islands of Rawai district. Some of them are very close. You can get there if you will rent a boat on the Rawai quay.

Rawai beachfront

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